How To Multiply Your Sales With A Website

About the author

About the author

Hi there, my name is Uroš and I'm the founder of SVSDEV.COM. I'm on a mission is to help businesses get more customers online by designing top-tier brand identities, websites, ads and selling systems.

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Most businesses now have a website, some just to present their services, others to sell physical goods online. A website has become an industry standard and it has never been easier to get one for your business.

While it may cost a lot of money to have it built professionally there are also free or super cheap options for people that have more technical skills.

Either way, I have been building websites since I was 14 years old. I built my first website that brought a client to the table when I was 15. Probably by accident because back then I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I have now realised that if you want to make sales online, your website needs to convert a person that knows nothing about you, to a paying client. And that’s the art of making websites that can multiply your sales. I will say that again – the #1 objective of a website is to turn a first-time cold as ice visitor into a paying client.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business

First of all, let’s make this clear. If you run a business, your number one priority at all times has to be making sales. Bringing money to the table is the lifeblood of your business.

You can have any kind of a problem in your business, but there is only one problem, that cannot be solved and that’s the lack of money.

If your business goes broke, it dies. Simple as that.

Knowing Your Client

First of all you have to spend some time researching the market, your competitors websites, offers and your potential clients behaviours. Ask yourself what is my competitors offer lacking, and what the potential clients are stressing about the most?

Most businesspeople that aren’t successful don’t really focus on selling what people need. They sell what’s convenient for them to sell.

The Headline

The first thing a visitor will see on your website is you headline. What is that so good that you offer?

Here is how to construct your headline:




If you go and take a look at the headlines of your competitors, I bet most of them will have boring headlines that don’t spark up any emotion or desire. They don’t mention the potential clients goal, but rather a product they’re offering.

Even if you are a small business that just started out, with the right headline you can get better advertising results than the companies with much more ad spend.

The Offer

Everything I said until this point doesn’t matter if your offer is trash. Your product or service just has to be something that market needs and wants. If you sell something no one needs you can spend millions on ads and see no results.

Your offer has to be irresistible to the potential client that just landed on your website. And the best way to do this is to offer something for free. If you sell services this can be a free consultation, a free cheat-sheet, free e-book. It has to be valuable, but free.

You can’t expect a first-time visitor who just saw the name of your brand for the first time to pull out a credit card and buy your product right away. Offer them value for free, they will get to know you, they will gain trust and when you pitch them with an offer for your services like that, you will simply double if not triple or quadruple the chance of making the sale or closing a deal.

You can not just giveaway free stuff if you’re selling physical goods. But you can guarantee the quality of the physical product and back it up by offering a free, no questions asked money-back. And If your product is high quality, and you customers will enjoy it, that’s a win.


Now, let’s say you perfectly know your customers, your headline is a killer and your offer is irresistible. If that is all the case, all you need is traffic.

In this book “Sell Like Crazy” which obviously has provoked me to write this post, the author said one especially powerful thing. And that is, if you can’t buy new clients for your business with money, you don’t have a business.

And It’s 100% true. If your business has a professionally built website, with a killer headline that strikes your ideal customers mind, your offer is amazing, and on top of all that you drive thousands of people that are looking for exactly what you are offering, you just have to make money. You will profit, no other way around.

And the best thing about that is that today, getting thousands of people on your website has never been easier. Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, these platforms all enable you to pay them money in exchange for precisely targeted traffic.

The Conclusion

I am a founder of a web design business. We build websites. But that’s just a fraction of the value we actually provide to our clients. The value is in presenting what our clients offer in the form of a website, in such way that when we combine it with professional advertising, they just simply make money.

In our headline, we say that you will double your sales with a professional website. We understand that is a very bold statement to make, we cannot really know how much sales you will make, that’s completely up to you but we guarantee that if you will follow our advice and work hard with us, your business will very likely even triple or quadruple in size.

Big respect to Mr. Sabri Suby for writing the book Sell Like Crazy. It’s the best book I’ve ever decided to read and I think it should be a legal requirement to read this book before starting a business of any kind. Just to prove I really mean this I won’t post any affiliate links here you can search the Google and find the book for yourself. Sabri, Thank you.

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